L.A. AFTRA sets candidate list


AFTRA Los Angeles has announced unopposed local-office candidates, including president Ron Morgan, and also listed those running in contests for 20 local and 12 national board seats.

Other incumbents running unopposed for additional two-year terms as officers in Los Angeles include first vp Susan Boyd Joyce, second vp Lori Alan, third vp Bobbie Bates, fourth vp Jason George and treasurer Jay Gerber. Actress Patrika Darbo was named as a candidate for recording secretary, replacing singer Dan Navarro, who isn't running for re-election as an officer.

Those selected by a nominating committee for ballot listing in races for three-year terms on the Los Angeles board include incumbents Lori Alan, Audrey Baranishyn, Matthew Kimbrough and Bill Ratner; and Roxana Cortes, Milo Edwards, Morgan Fairchild, Robert Pine and Joan Pirkle.

Also running for local seats, by petition, are actors Steven Barr, Carole Elliott and Russell McConnell. Incumbent announcer John Harlan was named by the nominating committee as a candidate to fill a vacancy representing his category, and Sharon Ferguson, also an incumbent board member, was named as a candidate for a vacancy in the dancer category.

Candidates to fill two singer vacancies include incumbents Jon Joyce and Navarro, both also selected by the nominating committee. The nominating committee also named incumbent broadcasters Furnell Chatman and David Horowitz as candidates in the newsperson category, with one additional newsperson seat remaining to be filled.

Incumbent Nick Brett was named by the nominating committee to represent the stuntperson category. There are three additional vacancies representing the sportscaster category to be filled as well.

In the election for four-year terms on the AFTRA national board, 29 candidates are seeking to fill the Los Angeles openings. The roughly 80-member board fills half of its seats every two years, with candidates for several New York seats also expected shortly.

National board candidates -- who all qualified for the ballot by petition -- include incumbents Ivy Bethune, Nick Brett, Raza Burgee, Andrew Caple-Shaw, Darbo, Sharon Ferguson, Jason George, Linda Harmon, Sumi Haru, Jon Joyce, Paul Napier and Navarro.

Also running are members Renee Aubry, Jane Austin, Jeff Austin, Audrey Baranishyn, Steven Barr, Bonnie Bartlett, Anthony DeSantis, Milo Edwards, Carole Elliott, Frances Fisher, Matthew Kimbrough, Russell McConnell, Peggy Miley, Ron Morgan, Bill Ratner, David Sobolov and Yale Summers.

Ballots will be mailed May 2, with a voting deadline of May 22. AFTRA announced its candidates list Thursday.