Mother of L.A. Arson Suspect Says They Face Nazi Persecution in Germany

Hollywood Arson Fire Dec 29 - H 2011

Hollywood Arson Fire Dec 29 - H 2011

It has also been revealed that Harry Burkhart is being investigated by Canadian authorities about a string of fires in Vancouver.

The mother of the man suspected of setting more than 50 car fires in the Los Angeles area over the holidays claims they are targets of persecution by fascist Nazis in their native Germany. It was also revealed Friday that Harry Burkhart is being investigated by Canadian authorities for a string of fires in Vancouver, making it the third country in which he is accused of pyromanic actions.

"I ask you to please listen to me because it's about my and my son's dead or life. I and my son we are persecuted from fascist Nazi organization in Germany more than 10 years and we tried to escape them but we are not about to fight against them," Dorothee Burkhart said in an audiotape of her Dec. 29 extradition hearing revealed Friday by the Los Angeles Times.

Burkhart's comments -- which were made after being arrested on a provisional warrant from Germany where she's wanted on 19 charges of fraud and embezzlement -- were recorded following an anti-American tirade by her son Harry Burkhart that led to his removal from the proceedings. 

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That chain of events preceded his three-day arson spree in Hollywood, West Hollywood and Sherman Oaks.

Harry Burkhart was charged Wednesday with 37 counts of arson. He is currently being held on $2.85 million bail and is under suicide watch.

He’s also under suspicion of previously burning down his own home in Germany. Additionally, Canadian authorities are  investigating whether he was involved in a series of suspicious fires in Vancouver, where he and his mother lived before moving to Los Angeles.

Besides explaining why she and her son "will be killed" if they are deported to Germany, Dorothee Burkhart also said that her son was mentally ill during her Dec. 29 court date.