L.A. Billboard Icon Angelyne Auctions Her Personal Property at Bonhams


The sale of the self-made Hollywood mascot's materials is timed to the prominent appearance of one of her famous advertisements in the just-released "Rock of Ages."

Angelyne — the cartoonishly blonde and bosomed real-life character who’s emblazoned herself, for solely self-perpetuating purposes, across countless billboards in Hollywood over the past quarter century — will be auctioning off some key bits of personal paraphernalia through Bonhams at 10 a.m. on June 24, with a preview to take place during the two days beforehand.

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Items on the block will include a House of Taylor ring (est. $700-1,000), the outfit she donned on her first billboard (est. $3,000-4,000) and a key to the City of West Hollywood proclaiming Angelyne an Honorary Mayor (est. $1,000-1,500). But the centerpiece offering is the on-screen costume she wore in Earth Girls Are Easy (est. $3,000-5,000). The get-up consists of a fuchsia-and-cheetah print panel slip dress with thigh-high slits and Frederick’s of Hollywood furry cheetah print mules.

“That was my own outfit — I designed it and had it made,” Angelyne tells THR. “Everything about me is self-made.”

Earth Girls director Julien Temple — enamored of her local fame as an outlandish figure invariably seen careening around town like a real-life Barbie in her hot-pink Corvette (“He referred to me as Greek mythology”) — hired Angelyne to cameo at a San Fernando Valley gas station in a scene in his L.A.-based 1988 musical comedy featuring Geena Davis and Jeff Goldblum. She’s since accepted numerous small roles on TV and in film, but insists she’s never had any interest in seriously pursuing acting: “I have a different job to do, which is to be myself — to be a muse.”

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The auction has been timed to follow the June 15 release of Rock of Ages, starring Tom Cruise and set during the big-hair heyday of the Sunset Strip. Warner Bros. paid Angelyne to use one of her vintage 1987 billboard images in the film, which was shot in Florida.

Twenty-five years on, thoroughly pleased with her contribution to the city’s visual culture, Angelyne observes: “What came first, the mud-flap girl or my image? I just stepped into the silhouette of my pose.”