L.A. Celebrity Home Break-Ins Not Tied to Gang "Knock-Knock" Burglaries, Police Say

In the North Hollywood area, more than 850 burglaries occurred during 2016, which is down by 6.4 percent this year, according to authorities.

The rash of celebrity home burglaries is not tied to Knock-Knock style gang burglaries that have been occurring in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles police told The Hollywood Reporter on Friday. 

On Tuesday, two possible gang members were arrested in Valley Village area for attempting a Knock-Knock style burglary, which is when a suspect will knock on the door of a targeted home, and, if someone answers the door, the suspect will say they have the wrong place. If no one answers, they will attempt to break in, police said. 

On Thursday, there was an Associated Press report that the gang has been working affluent homes in Hollywood, which have included celebrity houses. That is not accurate, police told THR. While gang members have been targeting nice homes in the San Fernando Valley, the incidents are not tied to the celebrity break-ins.

"The Knock-Knock burglaries are a separate entity from the celebrity burglaries," Norma Eisenman, a spokeswoman for the LAPD told THR. "The Knock-Knock burglars, they knock. The celebrity burglars, they don't knock. Houses are broken into, burglarized and that's it." 

Numerous high-profile celebrities, including Nick Young, Kendall Jenner, Kevin Hart and Dodgers slugger Yasiel Puig have fallen victim to break-ins. Most recently, Shameless star Emmy Rossum's home in Benedict Canyon was burglarized, the thieves making off with an estimated $150,000 in jewelry.

Police have yet to comment on which, if any, of those break-ins are connected. 

Many of the above stars, including Rossum, have a large public presence on Instagram. Those posts can telegraph to potential criminals when celebrities are away from home.

Knock-Knock style gang burglaries have become such a problem, LAPD formed a task force earlier this year to deal with the issue. 

In the North Hollywood area, more than 850 burglaries occurred during 2016, which is down by 6.4 percent this year, Detective Noah Stone said in a statement. 

"We are very appreciative when neighbors look out for each other and notify the police when they observe suspicious activity," he said.