L.A. City Attorney Declines to Charge Michael Avenatti "At This Time"

Michael Avenatti April 13, 2018 - Getty - H 2018
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

But, the process is not over.

The office of the Los Angeles City Attorney on Friday announced it declined to file charges against Michael Avenatti for an alleged assault that took place last November, according to a statement to The Hollywood Reporter

But, the process is not over. 

"The City Attorney's Office has reviewed all of the reports in this matter and considered all of the evidence," reads the statement. "This matter has been set for city attorney hearings in which both the victim and the suspect will have an opportunity to be heard on different days. The victim will be advised of services available to her. The suspect will be informed that although we decline to file charges at this time, this matter remains open and we may file charges at any time prior to the expiration of the statute of limitations."

The case was sent to the city attorney's office after it was declined for felony consideration by the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office last November. 

The lawyer for Stormy Daniels was arrested Nov. 14 by Los Angeles police and booked on a felony count of domestic violence after a report was filed against him the day before.

According to the Associated Press, actress Mareli Miniutti, who claims she's been living with Avenatti since January 2018, alleged he dragged her across the floor of their Los Angeles apartment after an argument. She also alleges he was verbally abusive.

The lawyer, who rose to fame as the attorney for Daniels in her defamation lawsuit against President Donald Trump, emerged as a vocal and harsh critic of the president in seemingly ubiquitous appearances on cable news, in fiery tweets and in public appearances.

After he was released from custody, he vehemently denied the accusations and alluded to being set up by Jacob Wohl, the die-hard Trump supporter who made headlines after his scheme to frame Robert Mueller imploded.