L.A. Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Banned: Hollywood, NBA Reacts

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Donald Sterling

Spike Lee, Larry King, LeBron James and Questlove spoke on the league's decision to ban Donald Sterling after audio surfaced of him allegedly making racist comments.

L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling was banned from any association with the Clippers or the NBA, following surfaced audio of him allegedly telling girlfriend V. Stiviano not to publicly associate with black people, including Magic Johnson, and not to bring them to Clippers games.

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Sterling has also been fined $2.5 million, the maximum allowed by the league, which will be donated to charities, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said at a press conference in New York on Tuesday. Silver also said he would try to force the sale of the team.

Since the audio surfaced, players, team owners and Hollywood stars have condemned Sterling, with some, like Johnson, vowing never to go to another Clippers game. After Silver's verdict, Hollywood took to social media to share their thoughts on Sterling's NBA fate.

Spike Lee, who had noted that Sterling has "mentality of a slave master," posted, "And Now The Owners Have To Do The Same." ESPN's Mike Greenberg tweeted, "Donald Sterling has had this coming to him. For a long time. For things far worse than anything he said on that tape. This is a good day." Piers Morgan joked, "I'd like to now host a live TV debate between Donald Sterling & @SHAQ . In a cage. No rules." Questlove posted a photo to Instagram, saying, "We have not watched ANYTHING as a group like this since this....the OJ verdict."

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The Clippers also blacked out their website and Twitter account with a logo design that unifies the team with the Lakers:

Larry King commented on Silver's verdict during a Reddit AMA. "I completely agree with what Adam Silver did today. He was outstanding. I am a Clipper fan, I wasn't going to let my children go to the game tonight, but now they will go. I know Donald Sterling, I'm embarrassed for him, I like his wife very much and she deserves better. This was a great decision. Great for the league, great for society. This is a historic day. Go Clippers!"

See what else Hollywood is saying about Donald Sterling's NBA banishment: