LA County museum to feature Hong

Korean arthouse director gets September spotlight

SEOUL -- A series of films by arthouse director Hong Sang-soo will be featured at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art starting September 11 - 19, supported by the Korean Film Council.

“Cigarettes and Alcohol: Eight Films by Hong Sang-soo” presents the director’s feature films, including his earlier works such as “The Day a Pig Fell Into the Well” and “Power of Gangwon Province.”

The retrospective will be held in conjunction with the museum’s current display of contemporary Korean artists “Your Bright Future: 12 Contemporary Artists from Korea." The screening begins with Hong's latest film “Like You Know it All,” poignantly depicting the life of a local arthouse film director.

“His plots have the precision and sly wit of Rohmer, the attentive gaze of Ozu, the pervasive alienation of Antonioni, and mordant flourishes worthy of Buñuel,” the museum's Web site said, described Hong.

The LA museum hosted a retrospective of the director Lee Chang-dong last year.