L.A. Designer Jane Booke to Launch New Clothing Line Taken

One of L.A.'s most romantic designers launches a new line with pal Rosanna Arquette, and they'll do that with a party to benefit GiveLove -- sister Patricia Arquette's charity for Haiti.

Jane Booke is an L.A.-based designer who has created luxurious boho-English garden party style dresses and looks with a sort of Victorian or Renaissance flair. Now she is relaunching a new line called Taken -- very romantic also -- with actress Rosanna Arquette, who's always had a severe love of fashion, from the rock n' roll to the Victorian.

Rosanna and Jane have been friends for years and decided to present the clothing line together at an event Saturday night in Hancock Park. (FYI, Jane has already started selling a fragrance called Taken on her website, and at stores around town like Kitson, Church and Palmetto.)

The event, at a private home, will benefit the charity of Rosanna's sister Patricia Arquette, GiveLove, which Patricia founded with Rosanna Millington-Getty, to develop temporary housing solutions and improve sanitation systems in Haiti. This party includes shopping, with much of the proceeds going to the charity. 

The crowd expected really says it about the clothes and the charity -- Melanie Griffith and actress daughter Dakota Jackson will be there, plus Carrie Fisher, Kirstie Alley, Ruby Stewart, and of course the Arquette sisters and many of their friends.

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