L.A. Fashionistas' Coachella Looks Make the New York Times

Designer rep Shana Honeyman and stylist Emilie Pereira show off their retro looks as part of the best of Coachella week 2 fashion.

Weekend 2 of Coachella -- what a difference in wardrobe a week makes. Weekend 1 featured boots, long skirts, t-shirts, jackets, scarves, hats -- and winter coats!!! Layers upon layers kept being poured on. We even spotted gloves in the crowd, leather jackets lined with fur, and any and all items to stay warm outside for many many hours. Even the bands on stage at night were shivering. Weekend 2 featured Palm Springs temperatures that rode up to around 106 F.

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So back were the traditional Coachella bikini tops with skirts, tiny little shorts with low boots, and little summer floral frocks. And there was probably plenty of sunburn to go around, too. But two of our favorite L.A. fashionistas were put up in the New York Times slideshow for Coachella fashion! See this link. 

Shana Honeyman is a rep for L.A. designer Corey Lynn Calter -- and in the New York Times photo with her is stylist Emilie Pereira, and they're both in full sunglasses-with hat-and cute retro dress mode. These girls don't leave the house in denim shorts and cowboy boots! They do it up right wherever they go.

Both are good friends with Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant, whose donning the pink glasses by Karen Walker in the second photo with Corey Lynn Calter. Janie's husband Peter Yozell is the tour manager for Radiohead.

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From coats to bikini's and summer hats in one week -- there was a winter Coachella and a summer Coachella. It will be interesting to see how people pack next year.

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