So L.A.: Hermes Goes Punk

Courtesy of Hermès

A closer look at the iconic French brand’s Chaine D’ancre Punk exhibition in Beverly Hills.

On Wednesday, Hermes unveiled the "Chaine D’ancre Punk" collection to some of its best L.A. customers, including stylist Jeanne Yang, who was one of the many guests to "ooh and ah" over the elegant and edgy gold and silver jewelry on display at the Rodeo Drive boutique's third floor.

The collection symbolizes a bold reinvention of the house’s classic jewelry pieces, which originally drew inspiration from a ship’s anchor chain and from Hermes’ equestrian roots. Prices range from $720-$156,900.

Pierre Hardy, the accessories designer who has created jewelry for Hermes since 2016, transformed the original Chaine d’ancre link into a safety pin, one of the symbols of punk that has since the 1970s appeared on everything from Johnny Rotten's ripped-and-pinned T-shirt to that famous Elizabeth Hurley 1994 Versace gown. The motif appears on necklaces, bracelets and rings.

The in-store exhibition presents the collection using white display totems inspired by the deconstructed themes embodied in the collection.  Currently, the public exhibition is exclusive to Angelenos and will run through October 28. The exhibition started in San Francisco in September 2017 and, following the Beverly Hills stop, the pieces can next be seen Houston in November 2017.