L.A. Indie Rock Landmark Spaceland Closing Down

Music lovers of every persuasion let out a collective gasp on Monday night when word came that famed Silver Lake indie rock club Spaceland was closing down. A destination for thousands of bands since it first opened its doors in 1993 (among them: Beck, White Stripes, The Killers, Arcade Fire and the late Elliott Smith), owner Mitchell Frank, whose Spaceland Productions also books The Echo, said he and business partner Jeff Ellermeyer plan on opening a new dance and live music space early next year.

"[Spaceland] just reached a point where it was time for us to move on,” read a statement from Frank. "We’ve had some incredible musical moments here, people met, fell in love, started life-long friendships, but it’s just time for a change.”
In its place at 1717 Silver Lake Boulevard: a new club called The Satellite, which will be booked by Jennifer Tefft, who worked in the same capacity at Spaceland up until a year ago. She also currently books the popular Bootleg Theater. The Satellite, it was reported, will honor all previous Spaceland bookings, including an upcoming residency by The Melvins, through March 2011.