L.A. Jeweler Loved By Lena Dunham, Rosario Dawson Debuts "Ideal President" Necklace

Necklace - Lena Dunham - H - 2016

Allie Pohl is using her popular pendants to commemorate America’s first female presidential nominee from a major party.

The history-making U.S. presidential campaign is on many minds — and bodies — this fall.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign collection of swag kicked off the fashionable campaign clothing and accessories trend, which Lena Dunham has since taken to a new level. Now L.A. contemporary artist Allie Pohl is getting into the race with her newest piece of jewelry, the Ideal President necklace. "Fashion and politics both act as forms of freedom of expression, so it’s a natural synergy," she says.

Pohl is known in A-list circles for her Ideal Woman series of pendants, which take inspiration from the unattainable shape of Barbie, to create a new female silhouette and symbol of empowerment.

Dunham, naturally, has worn the necklace, as has Rosario Dawson and Sophia Bush. Says the artist, "I think people really respond to its message and meaning. Ideal Woman is more than a pendant — it is an agent for change. I hear all the time that the piece is a conversation starter; I also hear that women feel empowered while wearing it. It reminds them that they are perfectly imperfect when and if any doubt ever enters their mind."

For her campaign-trail follow-up, Pohl has adorned the 14k gold torso with strategically placed rubies, diamonds and a sapphire ($1,400 in-store exclusively at Reservoir and online at idealwoman.us). Her motive? To commemorate America’s first female presidential nominee from a major party. "As a woman it’s a major barrier being broken. We have seen women hold the highest position in other countries and it’s nice to see America one step closer to joining them."

Her passion also led her to partner with Emily’s List, an organization dedicated to electing pro-choice women in politics. She’s giving 10 percent of the proceeds from necklace sales to the mission.

As Pohl says, "The stark contrast between the two candidates' views on gender equality and women’s rights more generally underscores how far we still need to travel on the road to equality."

Pohl says she’d love to see Clinton wearing the Ideal President necklace at her inauguration. Her wish list also includes Dunham, who made her dreams come true when she wore Ideal Woman, and many other "strong, funny, brilliant women. My ideal women who I think exemplify the spirit of the necklace include Amy Schumer, Beyonce, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Cameron Diaz, Emma Watson, Serena Williams — I could go on forever! At the end of the day it’s for fierce females everywhere."