L.A. Mattress Store Offers Shoppers In-Store Testing Bedroom

Courtesy Dream on Beverly

Wanna buy a bed? West Hollywood luxury mattress store Dream on Beverly creates the ultimate space for testing the goods -- blackout curtains, included. Sweet dreams, ya'll.

A mattress store with an in-house bedroom? That’s the concept at Dream on Beverly. The showroom, which carries handmade luxury mattresses, will debut a novel concept in the art of selling high-end beds this week: A private bedroom which not only features its king-size Lush mattress (which retails for $9,500), but also includes all of the design components needed for a truly restful space, says owner and founder Gary Trudell.

"This room has everything needed to promote sleep, including blackout shades, the right room temperature and the right colors," says Trudell of the totally private room, which was decorated by designer Julia Wong. Called The Sleep Sanctuary, the space will be available to prospective buyers who can enter the room, close the door and test the goods. And no, a time limit will not be imposed.

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Sleep with a snorer? Inside the Sanctuary, the problem is remedied with the touch of a button, which raises your partner’s side of the bed up to a 7% incline, a solution proven to reduce snoring, says Trudell. White noise surround sound and all natural bedding is also part of the experience.

Put it all together, and you may have a room that’s comfortable enough to lull bed testers into a deep sleep. And while naps are permitted, overnight reservations are not.

Dream on Beverly (8919 Beverly Blvd., West Hollywood; 866-838-5610)