L.A. Screenings 2009


Sunday, May 31

Studio cuts create new deal dynamic
They came, they saw, and they were opinionated. More to the point, they came with wallets: It's just a question of how heated the bidding by foreign TV program buyers will get for the U.S. shows they really want -- and how they will react to the down-shifted economics of the U.S. TV industry. Full story

Friday, May 29

Rogers Media steps up this fall
TORONTO -- Judging by the basketful of U.S. series purchased at Screenings, Rogers Media looks set to grow from upstart "netlet" to a full-fledged broadcaster this fall. Full story

Thursday, May 28

Buyers positive on TV offerings
Key program buyers are, in a word, full of "Glee" about the shows on offer at the L.A. Screenings. Uplift and escape are in and medical shows are out -- at least according to public comments from a clutch of buyers who are spending the week traipsing from one Hollywood studio to another to assess the new primetime series. Full story

Tuesday, May 26

HBO trolling for overseas buyers
HBO unveiled three of its upcoming shows -- the dramedies "Hung," "Bored to Death" and "How to Make it in America" -- to potential buyers this week at its Santa Monica offices, and it aims to conclude some licensing deals by week's end. Full story

Monday, May 25

WB, CBS roll out wares
Seductively insidious visitors from another planet and seductively intense vampires both wowed the 400 foreign program buyers who trekked to the Warner Bros. lot Monday morning for a first-look at that studio's upcoming fall slate of shows. Full story

Sunday, May 24

Disney hosts international upfront
The Mouse House kicked the L.A. Screenings into high gear with its seventh annual international upfront event Sunday evening at its Burbank headquarters. Full story

Friday, May 22

Canadian buyers wrap up
The Canadians have virtually wrapped their business at the LA Screenings, before flying home Sunday with the latest U.S. series for their own local fall schedule presentations next week. Full story

Thursday, May 21

Special Report: L.A. Screenings
Will they fork out for the Warners actioner "Human Target" or Universal's apocalyptic thriller "Day One," be enticed by CBS Studios' whimsical spinoff "NCIS: Los Angeles," opt for a plot twister like Disney's murder-mystery "Happy Town" or choose an upbeat teen-targeted musical like Fox's "Glee"? And how much will they penny-pinch? Full story

Who's Got What
New primetime series for the fall that the major distributors are selling. Full story

Canadian Bacon
Broadcasters in the Great White North are looking for programming at bargain prices.Other factors that could trim series price tags this year include Canwest buying only for its Global Television network, and not its five E!-branded channels currently on the auction block. Full story

Wednesday, May 20

Brits careful in considering U.S. shows
What series British TV buyers pick up -- and what they pay for them -- typically makes for one of the biggest dramas of the L.A. Screenings. The weeklong event kicks off Thursday as program buyers from around the world converge on Tinseltown to sift through the new primetime shows from the U.S. broadcasters. Full story