Labor Day Grilling Recipes and Tips From Bobby Flay (Video)

The celebrity chef and Food Network star offers THR an insight into what he thinks makes for the perfect end-of-summer barbeque.

Quizzing Bobby Flay for grilling tips the evening before Labor Day is a bit like asking a football coach for his playbook the night before the Super Bowl.

Luckily, when The Hollywood Reporter spoke with the Food Network star at a screening of The Perks of Being a Wallflower in East Hampton on Sunday, he was willing to offer a taste of his grand finale best.

"I can only speak for the Hamptons because that's where I'll be," Flay said. "I think it's really important to gather the best ingredients about the Hamptons: wild striped bass, vine-ripened tomatoes, of course the amazing corn, and some fresh basil, and you'll have a perfect meal."

So what will Bobby be cooking? You'll wish you were at his party, as guests will be treated to wild-striped bass fish tacos, with a peach and jalapeno salsa, avocado relish, and tormatillo and corn salsa.

Flay also spoke about the real downside of Labor Day: heading back to school. Having dropped out of high school before graduating, he says this time of year always reminds him of that first-day terror.

"My daughter who is 16 just went back to school, and I'm sort of living that moment of going back to school for her, and it just sort of gives me that weird feeling inside that I was never looking forward to," he laughed. "And so the one thing I'm happy about being older is that I don't have to go back to school in September."