The Lacoste Crocodile Has a Trippy New Look

The classic Lacoste crocodile logo (left) and new crocodile logo (right)

For his new collaboration with the French brand, Jean-Paul Goude didn't mess around.

Lacoste's got a brand-new look. 

The trippy crocodile/dragon-hybrid logo had us doing double takes after it was unveiled Wednesday during the presentation for Jean-Paul Goude's collaboration with the French heritage brand at Paris Fashion Week. Goude, a photographer and designer best-known for his portraits of Grace Jones, which inspired Kim Kardashian's internet-breaking Paper mag cover, created an artsy new look that is a far cry from the stuffy (albeit classic) logo emblazoned on the layered pastel polo shirts of Jersey Shore-era popped collars.

"It was an invitation, a real carte blanche. It was Jean-Paul Goude who was to express his vision, to make decisions, [and] give his interpretation of the crocodile," wrote creative director Felipe Oliveira Baptista on Instagram. (Don't worry, preppy golfers, the original Lacoste crocodile isn't going anywhere soon.)


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Goude took the open invitation and ran wild with it, reimagining the croc logo in two iterations: a party-hat wearing crocodile riding a unicycle while carrying a yet smaller crocodile, and a smoke-breathing crocodile astride the original Lacoste crocodile.

The new design, as well as the rest of the collection — including bomber jackets and polos emblazoned with the funky logo — was showcased in a grand presentation complete with moving, 3D re-creations of the illustrations, which truly brought the crocs to life. 


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Lacoste isn't the only brand to give their iconic imagery a makeover. Gucci's Alessandro Michele adapted street artist Gucci Ghost's take on the classic double-G imagery, affixing the logo onto ready-to-wear and accessories.