Lady Gaga Becomes "Lady Haha" and Jams to Her Greatest Hits for James Corden's "Carpool Karaoke"

Terence Patrick/CBS
Lady Gaga, James Corden

The singer opens the show as "Lady Haha" to joke about Donald Trump.

Lady Gaga took a ride with James Corden in the latest episode of "Carpool Karaoke" on Tuesday.

The duo's collaboration was confirmed when the pop star posted a clip to her Twitter account on Monday night, with the caption, "Get ready." Gaga and The Late Late Show host did not disappoint, with Gaga starting off the show as "Lady Haha" by taking Corden's place and supplying the laughs at the expense of Donald Trump.

"Donald Trump is launching a nightly show where he will be streaming his campaign, and instead of 'little monsters,' there are actually monsters." Gaga went on to further blast the presidential candidate by assuring that "the programming is really going to grab viewers by the balls."

Corden finally arrived onstage, half-dressed and after much encouragement from the audience agreed to have Gaga join the band as she sang "A-Yo" her single from her new album, Joanne.

Then during the "carpool" itself, they launched into a rendition of Ludacris' famous lyrics — "Move bitch, Get out of the way."

They danced to "Perfect Illusion" and "Bad Romance" and Gaga even had a turn in the driver's seat, where things got a bit dangerous.

"Poker Face" and "Born this Way" were also on the menu. Corden even did a fashion gallery of the singer's past looks.

Things ended with the pair crooning to "A Million Reasons," both sporting the same pink hat from the cover of her album.