Lady Gaga Confronts Anti-Gay Protester

Mariano Vivanco

Born This Way isn't just a song for Lady Gaga, it's a belief. 

The singer posted a YouTube video after confronting a picketer outside one of her concert venues April 6.  

In the video, the man hands the singer a  'Get out of Hell free' card, before insulting homosexuality, telling Gaga that her "pervert ways don't quite equate to what God is all about," before clarifying, "you know, the homo stuff." 

When Gaga tells him she attended Catholic school, he responds, "That's probably most of your problem. You got raised in a screwy religion."  

The singer filmed a response later in the video, saying, "What I'm trying to understand is, there's 3,000 people standing in my line, and nobody is standing in your line. Who's going to hell?" reports that she later discussed the incident at her Anaheim, CA concert March 31, telling the crowd she hopes to be able to change people's minds through peaceful interactions.