Lady Gaga Debuts "I'll Never Love Again" Music Video From 'A Star Is Born'

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

The video includes footage from the Bradley Cooper film, a love story between an aging rocker and an on-the-rise singer.

Lady Gaga shared the official video for A Star Is Born’s “I’ll Never Love Again" on Friday.

The video, which is currently an Apple Music exclusive, includes footage from the blockbuster film, which follows Gaga and Bradley Cooper's characters in their romantic, musical journey.

The emotional track features a stunning vocal performance from Gaga, whose voice soars with the lyrics, "Don't wanna feel another touch/Don't wanna start another fire/Don't wanna know another kiss/No other name falling off my lips/Don't wanna give my heart away/To another stranger/Or let another day begin/Won't even let the sunlight in/No, I'll never love again." 

Watch the new video for "I'll Never Love Again" via Apple Music here

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