Lady Gaga Eats David Letterman's Notes

John Paul/CBS
Lady Gaga arriving at the Grammys

The singer also addresses rumors that she once ate a Barbie doll's head during a concert.

David Letterman on Monday grilled Lady Gaga about her infamous egg costume, which first made an appearance at February's Grammys and has resurfaced several times, including on NBC's Saturday Night Live over the weekend.

"First of all, tell me about the egg," Letterman said in an interview airing Monday on CBS' Late Show. "How much time do you spend in it? Oh, is it tough to get insurance?"

"Well, no, because for me, it's a place where I can meditate and experience rebirth," Gaga said. "So I just get inside of it and close it and then when I feel that I have been reborn spiritually, I just, whoo, come out."

Asked how long the rebirth process takes, Gaga replied: "It depends. ... I just really believe that you can be reborn over and over and over again until you find that part of you that is the best you that you can be, so I encourage everyone to be that way. I wonder what would happen if I put you in an egg?"

When Letterman replied that he didn't think he'd fit, Gaga told him they could get in together. "You could be the yolk," she quipped.

Letterman also asked Gaga about rumors that she "once at a Barbie doll's head during a concert."

The pop singer insisted that it was not only true, it happened "all the time." She then took Letterman's notes sheet, ripped it in half and then began chewing on a piece of it to prove her point. (She later spit it out behind her guest chair.)

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