Lady Gaga on the Egg, ‘Born This Way’ Video and How She's 'Not Manufactured'

Donna Svennevik/ABC

She opens up in a revealing new "Billboard" interview.

You ain’t seem nothin’ yet from Lady Gaga – or at least that’s what she recently told Billboard magazine when asked about the upcoming video for her new smash single “Born This Way.”

“It's amazing,” she tells Billboard. “I did it with Nick Knight, co-directed it with him and Laurieann Gibson and the Haus--so it's really a Haus of Gaga directorial debut with Nick Knight. It . . . looks completely different than everything I've ever done.”
Pressed for more details, she coyly replied, “Um, it is the birth of the new race. Really deep stuff.”
Gaga (real name: Stefani Germanotta) also shed more light on the egg she arrived in at the Grammys.
“I was in Amsterdam on my tour bus. I was thinking about birth--about embryos,” she said when asked how she conceived the idea. “Even my hair color was a washed-out rose color . . . It was meant to be a hair expression, an afterbirth.
“Yes, and I thought to myself, "Gosh, the thing I hate most about doing award shows is, it can be  distracting"... I want to exist only for my fans and for the stage,” she went on. “I don't want to exist in this machine or this circus that is the industry. I wish I could be encapsulated for three days and just think only about my performance, think only about the album, think only about the future of my fans. So that's what I did.”
Despite her elaborate getups, the singer insisted, “Gaga is not manufactured . . . it is not artificial. I wish I could give that gift to everyone on the planet--the ability for you to create an idea and perceive of something, whether it be a name or a vision for yourself, and just choose to become it. The world, and I base this on the music industry, is obsessed with artists and glamour and creativity and fashion. And artistry has become something that people believe is artificial. For myself, it is my reality. I exist at all times halfway between reality and fantasy. That's the way I was born.”