Lady Gaga Falls on Stage - But Keeps Performing (Video)

Mariano Vivanco

Her heel hits a piano bench and flips her on her back, but she doesn't even drop the microphone.

Lady Gaga wiped out while performing in Houston on Sunday, but she didn't miss a beat -- literally.

Gaga was stepping down from her piano while signing "You and I" when her stiletto boots slipped on the piano's bench, flipping it over and sending her straight to her back. The scantily-clad Grammy winner kept singing -- crawling until she could regain her balance -- as if nothing had happened. She didn't even drop the microphone.

"It was in the middle of the show," explains Eric Souknary, 18, who captured the footage, to the U.K. Daily Mail. "She was really high up and it looked really bad…. The crowd all saw it and I don't think anyone would have minded is she'd walked off the stage to get checked out by medics. But she was a real professional and jumped back up on stage to finish her set in front of the fans… It was really amazing to see."

The singer also announced the premiere date of her next single, Judas, on YouTube over the weekend: April 19.

"Judas is coming," she says in a video posted on her GagaVision YouTube channel. 'Let the cultural baptism begin.'