Lady Gaga Gets A New Plant Genus Named After Her

Lady Gaga Women in Music Red Carpet - P 2012
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Lady Gaga Women in Music Red Carpet - P 2012

Mama Monster is the latest in a line of celebrities including Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor to have a plant named after them.

Lady Gaga has been compared to the Batman villain Poison Ivy. But now, she’s got her very own plant identity.

Botanists at Duke University have discovered a new genus of fern and have decided to name it after Mama Monster. The new genus Gaga is just one example of the complex reproductive system of plants.

“Like most ferns, the Gaga group is ‘homosporous.’ They produce tiny spherical spores that drift to the ground and germinate into heart-shaped plants called gametophytes,” Kathleen Pryer, director of the Duke Herbarium and Professor of Biology, told The College Fix

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It is because of this gametophyte that Pryer and her team (who are fans of the pop star and listened to her music while investigating) were inspired to name the plant. Gaga, who is known for her outrageous outfits, actually wore a costume that is strikingly similar to the gametophyte. The costume in question is the heart-shaped Armani Prive outfit she wore to the 2010 Grammy Awards.

It is because of this similarity and Lady Gaga’s pursuit of individuality that Pryer and her team chose to honor the pop star.

"Lady Gaga is an amazing champion for equality and compassion, and we wanted to give her a scientific namesake that characterizes the struggle we have in biology for understanding diversity in humanity, in all of biology, and even in ferns,” Pryer said.

If that wasn’t enough evidence to convince the scientists, members of the new genus have a DNA sequence that spells out none other than GAGA.

The new genus Gaga, which has 19 species, can be found in Central and South America, Arizona, Mexico and Texas. Some of the names include Gaga germanotta, which is in reference to Lady Gaga’s real name Stefani Germanotta, and, probably the most appropriate, Gaga monstraparva, which translates to “monster little.”