Lady Gaga Fires Back After Trump Team Calls Her an "Anti-Fracking Activist"

Lady Gaga - Getty - H 2020
Lester Cohen/Getty Images

The singer-actress is slated to appear at a Monday Pittsburgh drive-in rally with Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Lady Gaga on Sunday fired back at the Trump team after she was accused of being an anti-fracking activist. The message was a feeble attempt from Tim Murtaugh, Trump's re-election communications manager, to undermine the singer-actress who will be campaigning for Joe Biden on Monday.

Gaga is slated to appear at a Pittsburgh drive-in rally with the Democratic nominee and Jill Biden.

Murtaugh's message read: "Nothing exposes Biden’s disdain for the forgotten working men & women of PA like campaigning with anti-fracking activist Lady Gaga. This desperate effort to drum up enthusiasm is actually a sharp stick in the eye for 600,000 Pennsylvanians who work in the fracking industry.

Gaga, who has more than 82 million followers, responded, "HEY TIM HEY @realDonaldTrump SO HAPPY IM GLAD TO BE LIVING RENT FREE in your HEAD. #BidenHarris."

Murtaugh responded in an attempt to give Gaga a lesson on social media by saying she should not have shared his message with her legion of fans, thereby somehow exposing her. Replying Gaga fans laughed off and mocked Murtaugh.

Gaga and Biden worked together in 2017 to raise awareness about sexual assault, releasing a PSA for the "It's On Us" campaign, which was started by Biden and former President Barack Obama.