Lady Gaga Gets Teary-Eyed Receiving CFDA Award

Tom Donoghue/PictureGroup

The Fashion Iconprize recipient also reveals sending a bleep-worthy to "Vogue" editor Anna Wintour.

Lady Gaga showed off a softer side Monday as she received the Fashion Iconprize at the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards in New York City.

"All of you made me feel like a star before I was," the teary-eyed singer (clad in a Thierry Mugler corset get-up) told attendees, who included Vogue editor Anna Wintour and designer Marc Jacobs, according to the Associated Press. "As much as this award means to me personally ... I just want you to know how much this means to young Americans."

While accepting the award, Gaga touched upon her style evolution. The NYC native recalled how, as a teen, she frequented a local thrift shot looking for a Thierry Mugler frock. She told attendees she regularly checked with the salesman to make sure her favorite pieces hadn't been sold. She added that she also always planned outfits for Friday night parties as if she was going to the Oscars.

Gaga said she knew she hit the style scene when she received a text message from Wintour that she would be honored by CFDA.

She said she thought the message was from a friend named Anna and replied with an expletive. She said the Vogue editor replied, "How lovely," eliciting laughter from the audience.

Next up for the singer: She is scheduled to make an appearance Saturday at Rome's Circus Maximus to mark the close of 2011 Euro Pride.