Information That Could 'Seriously Injure' Lady Gaga Gets Sealed

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A judge has ruled to withhold sensitive documents pertaining to a settlement made with producer Rob Fusari years ago.

Last month, TMZ reported that Lady Gaga had asked a New York court to withhold sensitive documents that could "inflict significant personal and professional harm." Thanks to the judge's ruling, those secrets will likely remain hidden.

Back in 2010, Gaga's former collaborator Wendy Starland sued Rob Fusari, the producer who helped Gaga break into he mainstream, claiming he cheated her out of money she felt she was owed for her work with the singer. Specifically, Gaga implored the judge not to reveal details of a financial settlement she made years ago with Fusari, along with other "sensitive personal info."

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The judge ordered the docuements sealed and indicated that both Gaga and Fusari preferred to have the information remain private.

Also in 2010, Gaga and Fusari withdrew dueling lawsuits against each other. Fusari felt he had been unfairly excluded from Gaga's earnings after her ascent to stardom, and Gaga felt Fusari had signed her to an unfair contract in 2006. Fusari, who also dated the singer, helped her coin her iconic stage name (a reference to the Queen song "Radio Ga Ga") and produced and co-wrote many of her earliest hits.

Recently, Lady Gaga announced that her forthcoming studio album, ARTPOP, will drop Nov. 11 alongside a mobile app. The first single will be released on Aug. 19.