Lady Gaga Jimmy Kimmel Concert Avoids Riot, She Thanks Police (Video)


The singer also admits she “stole” the idea for the hat she wore on the ABC late-night show.

After a riot broke out in Hollywood for the Electric Daisy Carnival premiere, police were nervous fans could get out of control for Lady Gaga's Jimmy Kimmel concert Thursday.

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Cops were dressed in riot gear, but the concert went on without incident. Lady Gaga wrote a note thanking police for keeping her safe, according to, which has a copy.

Gaga performed six songs instead of the scheduled three to thank her fans. Watch below.

During her interview with Kimmel, Gaga admitted to ripping off a style idea, which she has been criticized for a number of times. (Bette Midler called her out on swiping her wheelchair-mermaid routine earlier this month, and she's been accused of being very similar to Madonna.)

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She donned a hat that spelled out GAGA in feathers. When Kimmel asked how she came up with the idea for it, she said, "This is a Philip Treacy hat. He made one for Isabella Blow many years ago, so you know, I just stole the idea."

Gaga also talked about cooking on the road.

 “I’m really great at making a traditional fennel red gravy, it’s a fresh pomodoro sauce. I make it for the producers a lot on the road, because they actually followed me on the tour bus- we built a studio bus with all of our equipment so that I could record," she said.

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