Lady Gaga Lashes Out at 'Judas' Video Leaker

Mariano Vivanco

The singer drops the F-bomb after the biblically-themed video winds up on the web earlier than she expected.

Lady Gaga isn't happy that the video for latest single "Judas" winded up on the web early.

It wasn't supposed to premiere until Thursday evening on E!, but the five-and-a- half minute-long clip surfaced online early (it has since been removed). The biblically-themed video featured Jesus and his 12 disciples being portrayed as a motorbike gang. Lady Gaga took on the role of Magdalene, while Judas is played by The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus.

NME reports that a Tweet on Gaga's Twitter account read: "Stop leaking my motherf------- videos," although it is no longer visible.