Lady Gaga Launches a Fashion Blog

Lady Gaga - Performs at MTV Video Music Aid Japan - 2011
Toshifumi Kitamura/AFP/Getty Images

The tech-savvy singer has already written seven 'Amen Fashion' entries on her new Tumblr blog.

Lady Gaga has found yet another way to express herself. 

The singer, who's known as much for her controversial music as she is for the costumes and outfits she dons, has launched a fashion blog, "Amen Fashion" on the microblogging site, Tumblr. Her first post was uploaded one day ago.

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Thus far, Gaga has posted seven entries to the new site: a mix of pictures of herself in unique getups (complete with fashion credits in some cases), abstract quotes and lyrics from some of her most popular songs.

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And, already the web juggernaut, who boasts 11 million Twitter followers, 39 million Facebook fans, her own You Tube channel and topped Forbes' Most Powerful List this year, has her legions of loyal followers (dubbed "monsters") flocking to the site. Her latest post (two joined black and white shots of the singer titled Tokyo Unicorn) has  over 5,400 notes from readers.