Lady Gaga, Laverne Cox, Jennifer Lawrence and More Sign Letter Against Texas Bathroom Bill

Dan MacMedan/WireImage ; Han Myung-Gu/WireImage ; Dan MacMedan/WireImage
From left: Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lawrence, Laverne Cox

The letter asks Texas legislators to "end the needless targetting of LGBTQ people" in the state.

A host of celebrities are adding their names to a letter speaking out against a Texas "bathroom bill" that targets transgender people.

Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lawrence, Laverne Cox, Alicia Keys, Jimmy Kimmel, Britney Spears and George Takei are among the 140 celebrities who signed the letter, released on Tuesday.

"Texas Senate Bill 6 and House Bill 1362 would criminalize and restrict the simple act of a transgender person using the restroom that aligns with their gender identity — a denial of basic human dignity," reads the letter, which is addressed to "Texas leaders."

The bill has not received a preliminary vote yet, but many LGBTQ advocates and allies are speaking out against it. The NFL recently suggested Texas might not be considered for future Super Bowls if the anti-transgender bill becomes law. A similar bill in North Carolina received backlash, with multiple musicians cancelling concerts and performances and the NBA relocating its All-Star festivities (which take place this weekend) from Charlotte to New Orleans.

"Bills like these are poison, a barrier between Texas and its future," the letter says.