Lady Gaga and Donatella Versace at the Oscars: Separated at Birth

Lady Gaga Donatella Versace - P 2014
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Lady Gaga Donatella Versace - P 2014

The BBFs are starting to resemble each other, and it's no accident, Donatella Versace exclusively tells Pret-a-Reporter: "It was her idea."

We know Lady Gaga is a fan of Donatella Versace: She stars in the designer's spring 2014 ad campaign, after all. The pop star also looks a great deal like Versace herself, with straight blonde hair, dyed eyebrows and pale makeup. Turns out, this latest transformation was Gaga's idea.

In an exclusive interview with Versace on Oscars day, the Milanese designer told us about Gaga's new look. 

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"It was her idea," Versace told Pret-a-Reporter. "She wanted to dress like this, do her hair like this, and her makeup." Then she laughed, adding, "No one tells Gaga how to dress. Not even me."

The two new besties did the Oscars circuit together on Sunday night, both wearing Versace, of course. Meanwhile, during the interview, Donatella pointed out in her room at the Beverly Hills Hotel that Gaga had sent her a giant flower arrangement that included pearls and cakes shaped in seashells.

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Will Donatella -- who works out five times a week with a trainer and eats all protein -- ever eat the beautiful, shell-shaped cakes. Her response on Oscar day: "Not today. And probably never."