Lady Gaga's 13-Minute 'Marry the Night' Video Leaks Online Hours Before TV Premiere (Video)

The singer directed the clip, which features extended dance sequences, explosions and nudity.

Lady Gaga's latest music video opus, "Marry the Night," made its way online on Thursday afternoon, hours before the clip was set to premiere on E! at 5 p.m. ET.

Directed by Gaga, the 13-minute music video features the pop star at her most gloriously provocative, with extended dance sequences, explosions, nudity and a violent attack on a box of Honey Nut Cheerios.

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The video opens with a pale, unconscious Gaga begin wheeled through a hospital on a gurney, as she says in a voice-over, "It's not that I've been dishonest. It's just that I loathe reality."

Soon, she's coping with that harsh reality by tearfully declaring to a nurse who is taking her vitals, "I'm gonna be a star. You know why? Because I have nothing left to lose." 

The video then shifts gears and finds Gaga freaking out in a hotel room, spouting French and silently dying her hair in a bathtub. Her transformation is complete: She steps out of a car that has just exploded as a reborn pop singer and commands an army of dancers in the darkened streets as the "Born This Way" single plays on. 

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On Wednesday night, Lady Gaga both kicked off and closed the Grammy nominations concert with a spirited performance of "Marry the Night" followed by a countrified version of "You and I" alongside Sugarland.

Gaga ended the night with three Grammy nominations, including an album of the year nod for Born This Way.

"Marry the Night" is currently at No. 59 on the Hot 100, up from No. 97 the previous week.

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Gaga took to Twitter on Thursday to express dissatisfaction with the music video arriving online early, writing that the video was leaking "like an old tampon." She quickly followed, "Although I do appreciate that really sneaky monsters are flipping out :)."