Lady Gaga Posts Topless Photo of Herself With Donatella Versace

Lady Gaga Poses Nude Censored - H 2012

Lady Gaga Poses Nude Censored - H 2012

The singer seems to have posted a vintage picture of herself -- nude from the waist up -- with the designer.

Doesn’t everyone hang out -- literally -- with their friends topless and have a controversial fashion photographer take snaps and then years later have the photos posted on their fan website?

Wait, no?

Because Lady Gaga has just uploaded a topless photo of herself onto her Little website snapped by notorious fashion photographer Terry Richardson, hanging out with designer Donatella Versace making cat claws with their blood red nails in, allegedly, her dead brother Gianni Versace's bathroom. OK,

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Donatella, thankfully, was not topless. She was tastefully attired in a black leather bustier thingie. Thank you, Lord.

Here's the thing. This snap was posted just a week after Gaga’s revealing Body Revolution lingerie shots, in which she documented her 25-pound -- or maybe 30? -- weight gain.

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But in those photos, she had long brown hair, as well as the extra poundage. In this photo, she is a skinny peroxide blonde. Which makes us think that this shot is an old one posted just for shock effect. Either that, or she just found it and went, "Wow. Cool pix of my nipple. Let's let millions of people see it."

All we know is that we don’t want to see the outtakes from this photo shoot. And what’s most deeply alarming about this shot is that Gaga looks like a younger and/or airbrushed version of Donatella. 

But hey, at least she's not slamming New York Times fashion scribe Cathy Horyn again.