Lady Gaga Releases 'Formulation' Film for Fame Perfume (Video)

The black-and-white short gives fans a sneak peek at the first ever black eau de parfum, due out in September.

Just days after tweeting an in-the-buff print ad for her new fragrance, Fame, Lady Gaga has given her Little Monsters yet another teasing glimpse at her highly anticipated scent. On Wednesday, the singer posted a short film entitled “Formulation” to promote the perfume, which is due out this September.

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The opening credit establishes the black-and-white short inside the “Haus Laboratories in Paris,” where two men wearing dark smocks open the double doors to an active lab. Four muscular scientists – some shirtless, some with lab coats – pour liquids into steaming flasks with delicate (and quite sensual) precision. While the toned men concoct and cook Fame, a voiceover speaks in French as English subtitles appear at the bottom of the screen. The disembodied narrator informs viewers that Fame is the “first ever black Eau de Parfum,” then adding: “Black like the soul of fame but invisible once airborne.”

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The film cuts to quick shots of the scent’s ingredients in glass beakers on a laboratory table – “Pulverized Apricot, Crushed Heart of Tiger Orchidea and Tears of Belladonna,” to name a few – followed by a gloved hand dipping into churning black liquid.  

Mother Monster, who does not appear once over the course of the two-minute video, tweeted shout outs to Todd Tourso, Reggie Know, Rob English and Kenneth Robin -- whom she credits with having made the film -- before posting a link to the YouTube clip. Fame’s September release is expected to be around the same time that Gaga will announce the title of her next album. September will also mark the pop star's second Vogue cover appearance in two years. (Her first, the March 2011 issue featuring a pink wig and no eyebrows, sold like gangbusters.)

Watch the video below for Fame’s teaser short, "Formulation," below.