Lady Gaga Releases 'Venus' off 'ARTPOP' (Audio)


The extraterrestrial love song debuted online over the weekend.

Lady Gaga leaves Planet Earth well behind on her new song "Venus,” which hit the Web in its entirety over the weekend.

Clocking in at nearly four minutes, “Venus" is essentially an extraterrestrial love song with a catchy, radio-friendly chorus.

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Gaga also injects a touch of humor. As she name-checks the planets in the solar system, she arrives at Uranus, which she rhymes with "don't you know my ass is famous."

Accompanying the audio is an amusing snap of Gaga looking every bit the space cadet, wearing metallic face paint and a large scorpion on her nose.

Aside from its title, "Venus" shares nothing in common with the Shocking Blue song from 1969, which was an international hit all over again when it was covered in 1986 by Bananarama.

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Gaga's pop track is the latest lifted from her hugely anticipated new studio album, ARTPOP, due Nov. 11. Mother Monster had confirmed earlier this month that “Venus” would be a single. The track “Do What U Want,” a collaboration with R. Kelly, dropped a week earlier.

Gaga gave “Venus” the “big reveal” when she performed it at the G-A-Y club night in central London. Last week, Gaga gave the debut live performance of another new song, “Gypsy,” in Berlin.

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