Lady Gaga Reveals Creepy 'Born This Way' Tour Poster

Lady Gaga/Twitter

The pop star had too much wine and decided to leak the image to her "Little Monsters" Tuesday night.

Lady Gaga tweeted the poster for her upcoming Born This Way Ball tour last night, many hours before its official release.  

"Just finished my homework due tomorrow at 11," she wrote. "Feel like turning it in early :)" Next came, "Screw it. I had too much wine."

The tweet-happy singer also wrote that dates for the Born This Way Ball will be announced Wednesday at 11 a.m. PST.

As you can see, the poster is a creepy, Gothic image of a castle with Gaga's ghostly image peeking through dark clouds above. Deep purples and blues add color to the grayscale scene, while the singer's eyes are heavy on the theatrical black makeup.

VIDEO: How Zombie Boy Rick Genest Got Into Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' Music Video

The Ball will be presented in an elaborately-designed castle -- quite a departure from her Monster Ball tour, which was set in modern-day New York City, with a subway car and lighted marquees. 

"I'm so excited. The Haus has been working so hard, we can't wait for you to see it!!" she wrote, adding: "Love you Little Monsters, have the time of your life."

We have a sneaking feeling that Gaga pal and "Zombie Boy" Rick Genest, the Canadian performance artist who tattooed his entire body to look like a rotting zombie, will play a part in this gothic horror tour. 

Genest was in Los Angeles a few weeks ago, working on several projects. But there was one in particular that he couldn't discuss. And since he already appeared dancing with a zombied-out Gaga in her "Born This Way" music video, we gotta wonder ...



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