Lady Gaga and Rihanna Start Sporting a Whole New Shape of Sunglasses

Lady Gaga Sunglasses Trend Split - H 2012

Lady Gaga Sunglasses Trend Split - H 2012

We've seen the waves of aviators, Ray-Ban style, and this summer -- completely round shades. Now stars are embracing something else, with totally over the top designs.

Lady Gaga caused a bit of a commotion in a fuchsia fur (isn't it a little hot for that?) out and about in Sweden - I mean, when doesn't she? 

But it was her "Kitten Noir" dark glasses by Anna-Karin Karlsson that really set off the flashbulbs. They almost look like a harlequin mask for a ball in Venice, don't they? Well, that's a lot of sunglass - those edges are insane - and they better be at $698 a pair. Gaga may wind up being one of the few who can afford them! They are sold in the States, in the Gregory's stores (found in Beverly Hills, Atlanta, Houston, and Dallas).

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Meanwhile, a five-sided frame by Miu Miu is also making the rounds. The pale framed Culte ($390) is Rihanna's new fave - and it seems she is the one making all the sunglass trends these days, and she's highly aware of it. Luxury brands must be loading her up with merch. Naomi Watts was also spotted wearing the light-toned, multisided Culte at the Venice Film Festival.