Lady Gaga Teases Lindsay Lohan on Twitter: 'Are Those My Earrings?'

Lady Gaga Lindsay Lohan - H 2012
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Lady Gaga Lindsay Lohan - H 2012

The actress had posted a photo in the sparkly accessories on the same day she learned that she would not be charged with a $100,000 jewel theft.

Lady Gaga had a little fun at pal Lindsay Lohan's expense on Wednesday morning.

The pop diva tweeted, "@lindsaylohan ummmm are those my earrings??? this is awkward...:) kiss kiss chateau bunny."

Gaga was referencing a photo Lohan had posted to her own account, in which the actress was wearing what appeared to be an expensive pair of diamond earrings.

Lohan's timing was questionable, considering she had learned on the same day that she would not be charged with the theft of $100,000 in jewelry from the home of her wealthy friend, Sam Magid.

To add insult to injury, Gaga couldn't have known that the "chateau bunny" was just evicted from the Chateau Marmont -- the West Hollywood hotel where she has racked up a $46,000 tab, according to TMZ.

But all is likely fine with the superstar friends: The two only recently held a slumber party at the Chateau, evidence of which Gaga posted to her online fan community,