Lady Gaga Angers Thailand With 'Inappropriate' Concert Stunt

The pop provocateur wore a revealing outfit and rode a motorcycle with the country’s flag attached to the back during a performance in Bangkok last month.

Lady Gaga’s May 25 concert in Thailand has received the official thumbs down from the country’s government.

Nearly one month after the fact, the pop provocateur is taking heat from Thailand’s Culture Ministry, which says her riding a motorcycle with the country’s flag tied to the back, all while wearing a revealing outfit, was “inappropriate." Officials called the act at her Bangkok concert disrespectful to the country’s people, Reuters reports.

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Her concert in Bangkok isn’t the only trouble she’s had during recent traipses around the globe. She was forced to cancel a show in Indonesia after Islamic groups said her “vulgar” style would corrupt children there. Earlier this week, Gaga suffered a concussion after being smacked with a pole during a New Zealand concert. (She later tweeted a picture of her black eye.)

Gaga was in trouble with authorities even before of her Thailand show, after she tweeted to her followers that she was looking forward to buying a fake Rolex watch in the country. The country lodged a formal complaint with the U.S. in response, saying she was setting back their efforts to curb the sale of counterfeit products.

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As any Gaga-devotee knows, she does not have trouble stirring up controversy at home as well as abroad. Last year, the Catholic League slammed her Christian-themed song “Judas” as well as its video, in which she played Mary Magdalene.

Gaga is currently on tour in Australia. She recently completed work on a new album, the name of which she plans on revealing in September.

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