Lady Gaga Will Grace the September Vogue Cover to Promote 'Monster' Perfume

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Why would the pop superstar land the coveted gig twice in two years? Because the first one sold like a blockbuster!

In the world of fashion magazines, getting the cover of September Vogue is like starring in the biggest summer blockbuster. It's the mag's biggest selling issue of the year, and the one with the most ads, which last year featured Kate Moss. Being mid June, Vogue would no doubt be shooting its September cover now.

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Word has slipped out that Lady Gaga has earned the coveted position as September Vogue cover model. The March 2011 cover of Vogue she did – with a pink wig and no eyebrows – sold like gangbusters. And those numbers count, both at the box office and with ad sales in magazines -- no matter how weird she might look.

Gaga's always got a story, but the Vogue September story will revolve around her first perfume launch. So you gotta wonder – what took her so long? Unlike most celebrity smells, this one won't be pandering -- it's apparently called "Monster" (which is what Gaga calls her fans) and it will built around the scents of "semen and blood." Can Gaga get away with this? Will anyone buy such a smell? With her name on it, they probably will. Plus, any perfume manufacturer worth their roses will be able to find away to bury those notes under other scents that are more – shall we say – publicly sanctioned and sanitary.

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Louis Vuitton photographers Mert and Markus have shot already Gaga for the cover, and it will be interesting to see what the trio come up with. If there's anyone art directing Gaga, it's probably going to be Gaga. Chances are good she'll invent a whole new look for this, and it could wind up being the look that goes with her perfume ads.