Behind Lady Gaga's Metal Pop Princess Met Gala Hair

Getty Images
Lady Gaga

True to form, the singing superstar stood out from the crowd.

Is it any surprise Lady Gaga’s Met Gala look did not consist of a gown and stilettos? The singer instead sported an Atelier Versace look that seemed simultaneously futuristic and '80s hair band–inspired. Indeed, hairstylist Frederic Aspiras told Pret-a-Reporter that the "hairstyle came from Gaga’s desire to fuse together the past with the future."

Inspired by the star’s natural hair texture, he created a voluminous look that matched the futuristic metal pop princess she was channeling. After washing and conditioning with Matrix’s texturizing range, Aspiras towel-dried Gaga's hair and sprayed in Matrix Total Results Moisture Cure ($16), which he combed through to detangle before applying mousse and sectioning her hair to blow-dry it. Before drying each section, he applied Matrix Total Results Wonder Boost Root Lifter ($16) to the roots.

For more volume and texture, Aspiras used a curling iron to create loose waves and added Matrix Style Link Mineral Mess Maker Sea Salt Spray ($16), tousling her locks and twisting them as he spritzed. Matrix Total Results High Amplify Hair Spray ($16) was the final step to hold the extreme height he’d created. The result was worthy of Dolly Parton — or Whitesnake.