Lady Gaga's MTV Video Music Awards Promos Hit the Web (Video)


The singer will also appear on a special to air during “Jersey Shore” Thursday at 7:49 p.m.

Lady Gaga appears in three new promos for the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards with a piano, a jazz band and in one clip, without her bra.

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The singer is set to appear in an MTV special on Thursday titled MTV First: Lady Gaga. She will detail the meaning behind her new video, “You and I,” as well as broadcast the promos for her VMA performance. 

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“Sometimes I’m really happy and I write music, and sometimes I’m really angry,” she says in one of the videos. “Sometimes I’m really drunk, or sometimes I’m super sober. You never really know why or if or how you write music.”

One thing she does seem to know -- is that playing the piano is more enjoyable while topless. Watch below as she croons a jazz version of her latest single.