Lakeshore rolls 'Thundercade'


Lakeshore Entertainment has picked up "Thundercade," a comedy spec from "Fanboys" co-writer Ernie Cline.

Lakeshore's Tom Rosenberg and Gary Lucchesi are fast-tracking the project and producing it along with Cline's manager, Dan Farah of Farah Films.

"Thundercade" follows a video game junkie facing a midlife crisis who learns that a young punk had broken a record he set as a teen. He and two lifelong friends embark on a quest to reclaim his place in video game history and win the world's ultimate gaming championship, Thundercade.

Cline, a self-proclaimed lifelong video game addict, said he was inspired to write the screenplay by his nephew, who would trash talk him while the two played Xbox games.

"I fell in love with the idea of pitting older 'classic arcade era' gamers from the '80s against teenagers — the Atari 2600 generation vs. the Xbox 360 generation," Cline said.

A spotlight has been cast on Cline's "Star Wars"-themed "Fanboys" because of a public dispute with the Weinstein Co. and filmmakers over competing versions of the film and whether it will see a theatrical release (HR 3/25). Supporters of "Fanboys," including the "Star Wars" fan club known as the 501st, staged demonstrations at screenings of the Weinstein Co.'s "Superhero Movie" in March to protest the latest version (HR 3/31).

Farah's producing credits include "Armored," from Screen Gems, wihch is in postproduction.

Cline is additionally repped by attorney David Feldman.