'Lamborghini' Film Finds New Director

bobby moresco - Getty - H 2018
Tara Ziemba/Getty Images

Screenwriter Bobby Moresco will also direct the film after Michael Radford dropped out.

Bobby Moresco is stepping in to direct the new Lamborghini biopic after Michael Radford dropped out.

Moresco, who won an Oscar for best original screenplay for Crash, had already penned the script for the new biopic, which Radford was attached to direct for AMBI Pictures.

A representative for Radford told The Hollywood Reporter that the picture was originally slated to start shooting last November, but production delays moved it to this year, which conflicted with the director's prior commitments. Radford recently directed The Music of Silence, a biopic about Andrea Bocelli, for AMBI. He is currently attached to Shadow of the Crescent Moon, based on Fatima Bhutto's debut novel.

Lamborghini is based on the biography Ferruccio Lamborghini. The Official Story, written by the car mogul's son, Tonino Lamborghini. Antonio Banderas is set to play Lamborghini, with Alec Baldwin currently signed on to play rival Enzo Ferrari.

The film is expected to span Lamborghini's life, from his start as a tractor manufacturer to his role creating military vehicles during WWII to the rivalry that led to his legendary car.

Lamborghini ran a successful tractor company. He owned two Ferraris, but when the clutch gave out in the car when he tried to race with one, he approached Enzo Ferrari with an idea to use a tractor clutch in the luxury car. According to legend, Ferrari scoffed at the humble tractor maker, which Lamborghini took as a challenge to design a new car.

Lamborghini will begin shooting April 9 in Rome and Cento, Italy.

“I’m delighted to be a part of this project and equally excited to return to Italy and shoot another film,” Moresco told THR.

Last year, Moresco shot the revenge thriller Bent — starring Sofia Vergara, Karl Urban and Andy Garcia — in Italy.