Lamborghini Launches Limited India Edition Gallardo Sports Car

Lamborghini Gallardo India Special Edition

Celebrity owners of Lamborghinis in India include Bollywood actor John Abraham, who recently was spotted picking up a black Gallardo.

NEW DELHI -- Italian super-luxury automaker Automobili Lamborghini rolled out an exclusive limited edition of its Gallardo model sports car Wednesday in Mumbai that was made specifically for the Indian market.

Only six units of the Gallardo LP550-2 India Edition will be available. The car comes in the three colors of the Indian flag: arancio borealis (pearl orange), bianco monocerus (white) and verde ithaca (pearl green). In addition, the supercar is adorned with Indian tricolor stripes that run from the front bonnet to the rear engine bonnet, including over the roof. There is an "India Serie Speciale" plate beside the driver's seat quarter-glass. The car has a predominantly black interior design, with stitching on the driver's seat in verde ulysse (green), on the passenger seat in arancio leonis (orange) and on the doors, center console and dashboard in bianco polar (white).

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The limited-edition car is priced at about $500,000 (30.6 million rupees).

The India edition is part of Lamborghini's 50th anniversary celebration, for which the company has launched various international commemorative models and products. These include a 200-unit limited edition of its Aventador model and a partnership with Car Shoe (owned by Italian fashion group Prada) that produced a limited edition of its famous moccasin: A metal logo for Lamborghini's 50th anniversary features on the lace, and the company shield is enameled on the back and printed on the insole. The moccasin was given to drivers and staff participating in the Lamborghini Grande Giro, in which 350 vintage and modern Lamborghinis drove about 750 miles through Italy from May 7-11 to mark the company's half-century.

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Lamborghini launched in India in 2006. The company said it since has sold 90 cars from two showrooms, one each in Mumbai and Delhi. Celebrity owners include Bollywood actor-producer John Abraham, who recently bought a black Gallardo. "In the last two years alone, we have sold 31 units," Lamborghini India head of operations Pavan Shetty said. "In 2011, Lamborghini sold 14 cars here, while in 2012 the number rose to 17 cars."

One of the six India Edition cars has been sold to a Bangalore-based entrepreneur, according to reports.

During recent years, the luxury super-sports car market in India has seen the arrival of other majors such as Ferrari and Aston Martin.