Lana Del Rey Hitches Her Image to Jaguar

Lana Del Rey Jaguar Pool - H 2012
Courtesy of Jaguar

Lana Del Rey Jaguar Pool - H 2012

The company says both the singer and their new sports car share "a unique blend of authenticity and modernity."

It's a good time to be Lana Del Rey. The singer, fresh off her turn as the global face of H&M's fall advertising campaign, has now aligned herself with Jaguar and its new F-Type. The company has pinned its hopes on the sleek two-seater, due to make its global debut at the Paris Motor Show next month.

But photos of Del Rey currently circulating in conjunction with the news offer no glimpses of the automobile. Rather, one features Del Rey in a sunhat and heavy gold jewelry, perched seductively on a swimming pool's handrails. A second has her posing on a chaise lounge.

A Jaguar spokesperson tells The Hollywood Reporter that a new set of photos, featuring both the singer and the car, will be released in the coming weeks.

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Why Del Rey? According to Adrian Hallmark, global brand director for the luxury automobile company, it's because she and the car have a lot in common.

“The allure of Jaguar is in large part due to its duality,” Hallmark says in a statement. “She has a unique blend of authenticity and modernity, which are two values we believe are shared with Lana in her professional achievements.”

Ironically, the singer's persona and debut album were derided by some in the music press as being a derivative attempt at channeling 1960s pop nostalgia.

The campaign is part of a major push from the company to regain its traction among the young, hip driving elite. Last week. they hosted a press conference at New York's Standard Hotel, then walked journalists across the city's elevated Highline walkway to a skating rink housed beneath a giant igloo. There they found Tracy Morgan and Johnny Weir waiting to entertain them.