Lana Del Rey Unveils New Jaguar Coupe at Paris Auto Show

The singer debuts the car and a new song at Paris Fashion Week; "Burning Desire" is set to become a short film starring "Homeland's" Damian Lewis.

In the most talked about episode of Mad Men's fifth season, set in the summer of 1966, Don Draper sells a panel of Jaguar executives on a sexist campaign that positions their E-Type as a proxy for a beautiful, if temperamental, woman. The tagline: "At last, something beautiful you can truly own."

In the real world, circa fall 2012, Jaguar has lifted the curtain on the F-Type, their first two-seater model in over 50 years. And they've enlisted the help of Lana Del Rey -- whose throwback allure owes much to the Mad Men mystique -- to sell us on it. 

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The car was unveiled in all its fire-engine-red glory on Tuesday evening at the Musee Rodin in Paris, where Del Rey, in matching red lipstick and white sun dress, presented the F-Type, along with a performance of "Burning Desire." The event was part of the Paris Motor Show.

The song will feature as a bonus track on the upcoming re-release Born to Die -- The Paradise Edition, and will also serve as the soundrack to a short promotional film produced by Ridley Scott Associates, with Homeland star Damian Lewis, red-hot after his recent best actor Emmy win, as the lead.

STORY: Lana Del Rey Hitches Her Image to Jaguar 

When Del Rey's endorsement was first announced in August, Adrian Hallmark, global brand director for Jaguar, explained the company's thinking by saying that "the allure of Jaguar is in large part due to its duality -- a unique blend of authenticity and modernity; two values that we believe are shared with Lana in her professional achievements.”

It's language Don Draper would surely admire -- if he wasn't too annoyed at not having come up with it himself.