Lana Del Rey to Re-Release 'Forgotten' First Album

Lana Del Rey Troubadour Los Angeles Two - P 2011
Chris Godley

Lana Del Rey Troubadour Los Angeles Two - P 2011

The singer's "Born To Die" will be released Jan. 31, but before this album, there was another, "Lana Del Ray A.K.A. Lizzy Grant," which she now says will go back on sale.

Lana Del Rey is set to release her debut album, Born To Die, via Interscope Jan. 31.

But before the singer gained notoriety via YouTube and a controversial Saturday Night Live performance, Del Rey, whose real name is Lizzy Grant released another musical effort in 2010: Lana Del Ray A.K.A. Lizzy Grant.

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Del Rey (who apparently swapped the "a" for an "e" somewhere along the way), recently revealed she plans to re-release the 13-track album this summer.

"I had signed to an independent label but they couldn't fund the release of it," she told the BBC.

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Despite never being formally released, the album had a two-month stint on iTunes before disappearing. But the singer says reports that she's trying to hide her past self is not true.

"People act like it's so shrouded in mystery, the 'forgotten terrible album.' But if you look on YouTube, all 13 tracks are available with millions of views, so it's not like no-one's hear them," she said, adding, "We were all proud of it. It's pretty good."