Lana Del Rey Turns Up the Heat in 'Born to Die' Clip (Video)

The sexy newcomer channels Ann-Margret in a new video for the title track off her forthcoming album.

Newcomer Lana Del Rey has released her first proper music video for the title track to her forthcoming debut album, Born to Die (out Jan. 31) and it’s a hot one.

In the clip, directed by Woodkid (nee Yoann Lemoine, the French music video director whose work includes Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" and Taylor Swift's "Back to December"), turns up her already off-the-chart sex appeal as she straddles a tattooed love interest while wearing extra-short Daisy Dukes and a bikini top. The two share what looks to be a joint (the accompanying lyric: "Let's go get high") and many tongue-heavy kisses as they drive into a fiery blaze.

Those dark scenarios are contrasted with a scene where Del Rey sits in a gothic cathedral, two tigers at the base of her throne. Her lips, the subject of some controversy as to whether or not they’ve been artificially plumped, are well-padded with cherry red lipstick and she wears a white, flowing gown.

Other scenes include a bedroom scenario where Del Rey looks more Ann-Margret than ever. Del Rey herself created the concept, says her rep. 

Watch Del Rey’s “Born to Die” video below: