Lance Armstrong vs. CBS News: Twitter Explodes in Advance of Tonight's Show

Tyler Hamilton, left, and Lance Armstrong

Tweeters share their opinions about a "60 Minutes" piece alleging that Armstrong used performance-enhancing drugs to win the Tour de France seven times.

Twitter heated up Sunday afternoon ahead of a 60 Minutes report alleging that Lance Armstrong used performance-enhancing drugs to win the Tour de France seven times.

In the interview, which airs Sunday at 7 p.m., former teammate Tyler Hamilton says they both used "EPO…testosterone…a blood transfusion” while competing. Hamilton, who returned the gold medal he won in the individual time trial at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games on Friday, also testified in the federal investigation.

Many seemed believe that Armstong was guilty before the report even aired.

"Sorry but if you have 3ppl that confirms you doing something, you did it...memo to Lance Armstrong, admit it or sue for slander," wrote Steve Desjardins.

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"It's not about the bike; it's about the lies, Lance," added Gregg Killer.

Numerous Twitter users retweeted a report from ESPN in which Armstrong's camp refuted the allegations and added their own opinions.

They included Gabe Showalter, who wrote: "Just give it up already, Lance ----> Lance Armstrong camp refutes report on George Hincapie."

Added E Antione Harris: "Chi'Pls! RT @espn: Lance Armstrong's Camp calls George Hincapie's testimony 'inaccurate'"

Richie Tenenbaum was a bit cynical over the fact that new CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley is the one reporting the story.

"Question re: 60 Minutes vs. Lance Armstrong -- Should we be at all surprised that CBS gave this story to Pelley on eve of new anchor gig?" he tweeted.

Meanwhile, other tweeters were somewhat ambivalent over the news.

"Who cares if Lance Armstrong is clean or not he rides a bike for a living," wrote Bryce Lievens.

Added David Evans: "Did Lance Armstrong do something untoward to win? WHO FRICKIN' CARES. Let them all dope themselves to death. No one cares."

And this message from a Twitter account dubbed "the Fake CNN": "Reports are out that Lance Armstrong used performance enhancing drugs while in France during 1999. Another story to not give a f--- about."